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Police: Rochester Man Arrested For Falsely Imprisoning Wife

Abdullahi Sheikh - Photo: Olmsted County Adult Detention Center

(ABC 6 News) - A Rochester woman says her husband tied her up and beat her with an electrical cord for several hours Sunday afternoon.

The woman says her husband, Abdullahi Sheikh, also threatened to kill her and had a potato that he was going to use as a gun silencer. He also allegedly smashed her phone when she tried to call for help.

The incident allegedly happened on the 1500 block of 50th street NW. The woman says her children were sleeping at the time.

Police say the woman eventually escaped and ran to a neighbor’s house for help. She says her husband had taken off with her car, but police found him around midnight at the Holiday Gas Station on 37th Street.

Sheikh is facing charges of domestic assault, terroristic threats and false imprisonment. Police say he also has a prior felony domestic assault charge on his record.

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State Patrol Using New Tactic to Catch Distracted Drivers

(ABC 6 News) -- Law enforcement is cracking down on distracted driving this week, using tactics that have never been used in our area before.

In the first three days of the distracted driving extra enforcement, preliminary numbers show more than 130 tickets have been issued statewide for texting while driving.

We road along with the Minnesota State Patrol Monday. Where it’s more than just law enforcement helping to curb the problem.

Texting while driving, or any type of distraction, isn't so easy for law enforcement to catch in action. "If we don't see them using the phone or see what they’re doing in that vehicle, unless they admit the violation to us, it's difficult for us to say this is what happened,” said Lt. Heath Dienger, Minnesota State Patrol.

Local Runners Returning to Boston Marathon

(ABC 6 News) -- Tuesday will be the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings that killed three and injured almost 300. However, last year's horrific events haven't broken runners spirits, in fact, they seem stronger than ever. We spoke with two Rochester runners who were there last year and are heading back for another race.

These ladies have trained for a number of races, but Monday morning's run was one of the last before they head out east for the Boston Marathon.

"It's my second, last year was my first year," said Rochester runner Mikki Tuma. Mikki and her friend Maureen Jones were both running in the Boston Marathon last year. Maureen had just gone through the finish line when tragedy struck.

Rochester's Children's Museum Celebrates its 2nd Year

Rochester's Children's Museum celebrates its second year. -

(ABC 6 News) -- Kids at Rochester's Children Museum happily blew out some candles to celebrate a 2-year birthday. That birthday is the museum itself.

The Children's Museum opened as a designated education facility in April 2012.

Since then there's been sixty-five thousand visitors.

Museum directors have been very proud of its progress during the past two years.

According to Dawn Devine, museum director, "We got some grants to free nights for HeadStart, School Readiness, WIC and this year our birthday wish is to get a matching grant to do Play Possible, which is a grant based on making it more open and friendly to children with disabilities." 

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Two Veterans with Disabilities Benefit from Local Students' Fundraising Efforts

 Two Veterans with Disabilities Benefit from Local Students' Fundraising Efforts

(ABC 6 News) -- Bag, after bag, after bag. Students from John Marshall High School collected unwanted clothing to raise 50 thousand dollars.

“We’re helping service men and women who have been injured in the line of duty”

Those helping hands come in the form of paws. This is Ranger, Patrick Zeigler’s service dog. Ziegler says having a service dog is life-changing, “It’s changed my life a lot, having my dog with me everywhere I go.”

The left side of Ziegler’s body is paralyzed. He survived the deadly Fort Hood shooting in 2009. Since then, he’s had Ranger for help with daily activities, “He can get me off the floor when I fall, he can open doors for me, too.” adds Ziegler.

And that’s why these students are raising 50,000 dollars. With every pound of clothing here, 20 cents goes towards giving 2 service dogs to wounded warriors like Ziegler.

Locals Brave Weather in Channel One's Annual Fetzer Run to End Hunger

Locals run in Channel One's Annual Fetzer Run to End Hunger. -

(ABC 6 News) -- Today's weather did not stop some dedicated runners from helping out a good cause in Rochester.

Today was Channel One's Annual Fetzer Run to End Hunger.

Runners hit the pavement on a 2-mile course that started and ended at Channel One Food Bank.

All the money raised helps end hunger in Southeast Minnesota.

According to Jennifer Woodford of Channel One Food Bank every dollar counts and makes a difference, "With every dollar that's here today, every dollar raised, and donated by runners for their entry fees, we can provide enough food for five meals. So our 2-milers, who had fifteen dollar entry fees, if we do that math, we've got seventy five dollars, or seventy five meals that can help to feed people in our area."

Because of the wind and hail this morning, the twenty kilometer portion of the race was canceled.

But organizers say they had more runners sign up than ever before.

FEMA Grant Awarded for Tornado Safe Room at Quarry Hill

(ABC 6 News) --  A popular outdoor site in Rochester is getting a new place for people to take shelter if severe weather hits.

A new tornado safe room will be built at Quarry Hill Nature Center.  The proposed shelter would hold 250 people and withstand winds up to 250 miles per hour.

"I think that this is a real unique idea to have in some place that's meant for people to be outdoors," Kris Eide, director of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, said.  "So you want to make sure that as long as you can have the public utilize your nature center you also then are providing a space that they can be comfortable that no matter when they go there they can take refuge."