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Warm Weather Tough on Maple Syrup | Community Spirit

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Warm Weather Tough on Maple Syrup
Warm Weather Tough on Maple Syrup

This warm weather has been tough on maple syrup enthusiasts.    

Many syrup farms have already given up on the season.    

At Whitewater State Park, you'll find a few trees still tapped and ready to go.

But workers there don't expect to see a lot of sap sitting in their buckets.

"What you want ideally to get the best sap is freezing temperatures at night. Mid 20's and then into the 40's at daytime. With fluctuation like that, you get good sap flow. You can take a little bit of the sap and make maple syrup or sugar or candy,” Whitewater Naturalist Dave Palmquist explains.

In the average year, Whitewater will harvest between 8-10 gallons of syrup.

This year, they only plan on producing two.

Most of it is given away to campers and volunteers who visit the park.

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