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Extra Seatbelt Enforcement in Olmsted County | Community Spirit

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Extra Seatbelt Enforcement in Olmsted County
Extra Seatbelt Enforcement in Olmsted County

Starting April 2nd, Olmsted County deputies will be out in full force looking unbelted drivers.  

"We're one of the top ten counties for fatalities related to deaths of not wearing seat belts," Olmsted County Sgt. Vince Scheckel says.

From April 2nd until the 8th, up to eight additional deputies will hit the road.

"Between the hours of 2:00-6:00 PM looking for unbelted drivers," Scheckel says.

During enforcements like these, deputies average between two and three citations an hour.

Scheckel likes to think of each one as a potential life being saved.

"You have up to 60% greater chance of surviving if you are wearing your seat belt during a crash," Scheckel says.

During their last big enforcement, deputies gave out over 220 tickets with a 93% compliance rate.

It’s a high number that isn't quite high enough.

"We really like to get that compliance up to 100%," Scheckel explains.

According to a University of Minnesota survey, the seatbelt law has prevented 68 deaths and 320 serious injuries since being passed in 2009.

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